Somerford Park (2)

We had a really early start, leaving home at 3am for our first dressage test at 8am.

Kathryn had both her six year olds in the intermediate. Billy the Red was the first to go, doing a lovely dressage to score 32. He then had an unlucky pole down in the show jumping, but it was a good round and he was much more focused. The cross country was a big track but Red was a very brave boy and jumped a steady clear.

Cooley Eclipse did an amazing dressage, scoring 24, and it was his only second intermediate. He then had one rail down, but Kathryn was really happy with his round as he is improving his technique all the time. I was a little worried that the cross country course would scare him, but he was not fazed at all and jumped an amazing clear.

I had Bruvver in the intermediate. He scored 36 in the dressage where he was a bit full of himself. He then had three down in the show jumping due to lack concentration. Luckily he then redeemed himself by jumping a lovely clear cross country round.

Mistralou was also in the intermediate. He scored 34 – he was a little behind my leg but other than that it was a pleasing test. He then jumped a good round in showing jumping but was a little unfocused on an upright which he had down. Cross country he jumped clear and gave me a great ride.

I also rode Sallybog Tim in the Novice. He did another good dressage scoring 27, and then had a unlucky pole down in the show jumping, but I was really happy as he has improved so much. He jumped a good clear cross country to finish off.

We were both really happy with the day, all horses felt good and improving.