Horse Sales

HighLightIII-180Successful sales include:

High Light III: to Lino Paparella from Dan Jocelyn, through us

Quality in Time: to Sara Breschi from Rodney Powell

Frankisse: to Kerry Arnold-Herrick

CooleyEclipse180Cooley Eclipse: to Germany

RubisDePrere180Black Op: to Charlie Chamberlain

Rubis de Prere: to Pietro Sandei

Cult Rewind: to Charlotte Armstrong

Lord Sallyfield: from Mattia Moschini to Louisa Nesbitt

Billy the RedBilly the Red: to Tina Cook

Lord Sallyfield: from Mattia Moschini to Louisa Nesbitt

Wild Countess: from Jules Stiller, sold to Rebecca Steljes

CocoOcean200Coco Ocean: sold to Leah Peatroy

Dancing Hugo: from Chris Burton, sold to Stefano Fioravanti

Ronaldinio: from Jules Stiller, sold to Carolina Carnevali.

Daisys DiamanteDunbeggin Imp: sold to Italy, competing at 3*

Daisy’s Diamante: sold to Italy

Herdis Turbo C: bought from Peter Thomsen

LordAragon200AFLord Aragon AF: bought from Tim Price, sold to Italy

Nibble: sold to Bella Webber

NZBMouse190NZB Mouse: brought from Mark Todd, sold to Pietro Sandei, for 3*

NZB Cascade: bought from Mark Todd, sold to Andrea Cincinnati, competing 2*

FernhillFirstImpression175Fernhill Rua: sold to Emiliano Portale

Fernhill First Impression: sold to Italy

Walidos175Walidos: sold to Eleonora Boschi, Italy

HotchkissMCManus175Hotchkiss MC Manus: sold to Eleonora Boschi, Individual Gold Medal Italian YR Championship, Italy

GodoVanPuttenhof175Godo van Puttenhof: sold to Matteo Arrighi, competed in the Italian Pony Eventing team

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