Homme & Aston-le-Walls

After Burgham we went to Homme with Dacapo for the novice. He was a good boy, with a 29 in the dressage and clear show jumping but we had a steering problem at the first combination on the cross country course. I’m pleased with him though, he is improving all the time. I’m sure he is a superstar in the making.

The day after we went to Aston le Walls with Oplitas and Cooley for the intermediate.

Oplitas was quite exited to be out and about again. He was good in the dressage, scoring a 36, and jumped a lovely clear show jumping. I decided not to run him cross country because he is an experienced horse and I would like to save him for Blenheim.

Cooley did a 30 in the dressage, rolled a couple of rails in the show jumping and then decided that he didn’t like a mushroom on top of a corner on the cross country….. never mind, you never know what to expect from a young horse!!!!!