Mitsubishi Motors Badminton

It was a great week for both Gio and Kathryn – for Gio it was third time lucky with a completion, while Kathryn pulled of a double clear at the first attempt!

Kathryn & Let It Bee did a great dressage test to score 47.9, with Gio and Oplitas chasing hard on 51.5.

Across country, Kathryn was clear – but steady, picking up 53.2 time penalties. Gio had a run out at the Shogun Hollow but moved above Kathryn with a speedier time.

On the final day Let It Bee left all the rails in place, while Oplitas lowered two – and they finished two places apart; Gio in 35th and Kathryn in 37th.

Read it all ‘from the horse’s mouth’ in their blogs on the Badminton website:

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